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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So does Y Combinator’s Paul Graham.

It’s not uncommon to accept that an individual’s views do not reflect that of his employer. However, much as it would be unacceptable to separate misogynistic views of a founder from reflecting upon his company, I…

"People are afraid of her, and they trust her,” Barry Diller says. “That’s not an everyday combination."
"[mobile] is in a ‘pre-pagerank’ phase where we lack the right tools and paths to find and discover content and services efficiently."

A skeptic’s ode to Uber
Carmel DeAmicis,

Of all the companies I’ve covered in my time at Pando, by far I have lobbed the most crap at Uber. It was perfectly deserved, reporting that needed to be done on their shoddy background check practices, the gaps in their insurance coverage, the wa…

But hopefully, the company will get its head out of its ass when it comes to such safety measures, and continue to be a symbol of the best of what Silicon Valley has to offer. Disruption that changes the way we live for the better.

2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Part II

The 26th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest is under way, and entries will be accepted for just one more week — until June 30, 2014. First prize winner will receive an 8-day Alaskan expedition for two. National Geographic was once…

Amazing shots!!