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The only way to order all these financial statements and utility bills.. Post-it of course!! The Gewürztraminer is for mission accomplished 😜 #weekendproject #wine

"One of the biggest mistakes startups make is treating launch like the be all end all. “It’s like if you just launched, dropped the mic, and said peace out, we’re done,” Marooney says. “You’re not Bono. Don’t do that.”"
— Excellent read by Facebook’s head of tech communications. For anyone dealing with marketing a product or service, this one is a keeper!
The Best PR Advice You’ve Never Heard - from Facebook’s Head of Tech Communications

One of the most inspiring talks I’ve seen. Period.

Here we go again… #army (at כביש 6)

"Obviously, the need to survive and the need to thrive drives a desire and a need to differentiate. The reality is, often times, it’s just not that complicated," he said. "And so, to the extent that you can provide a simpler solution for marketers and definitely for consumers and for those of us who are trying to build businesses with your help, the better off we’re all going to be."